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Digital waveform graph

Hi All,

I'm currently using Labview 7.1 and needs to display some digital waveforms. I just want to find out if a single plot on the digital waveform graph can be segmented and displayed in different styles (for eg.The first 50 points the plot is drawn in one complete line and the next 50 points is drawn in dashes). I have looked through the properties of the digital waveform graph but could not find a property/properties that allow me to do this.

Can anyone enlighten me on this issue? Or can anyone suggest some alternatives?

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I think I have a solution for this problem. Pass your waveform data into a "Get Waveform Components" and extract the "Y" values. Take this 1-D array and pass it into a "Delete From Array" function. Here you can specify the length of data you want to delete and an index. At the exit will be your deleted section and another data set that excludes the deleted section, hence the whole data block when combined. Now, use the "Build Waveform" function on both of these data sets to give you 2 waveforms. Then use the "Build Array" function to combine them together and send this into your graph. Now, you can use the plot controls on how the functions look to make one a solid line and another a dotted line. This seems to work alright with a fake data set I've put together; however, make sure it's generating what you'd expect from your data set.

Hope this helps,
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Hi ElSmitho,

Thanks for the solution but i think i didn't make myself clear in the intial message. What i desired is to plot, let say the first 50 points in one continuous line and the next 50 points in dashes on the same plot, not in 2 different plots. Any solutions for this?

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I don't think there is any way to do this. A plot's settings apply to the entire plot, so I would have to agree with ElSmitho.

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