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Deleting from array when pressed a button from array

Hi guys. I need help too.
I want the moment I press a button to delete from the array the record with the index of that button. It only does this for one press, I want it to work continuously and to have the possibility to delete several records from the array, not just one. I leave you a picture with the diagram

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@Costin2001 wrote:

. I leave you a picture with the diagram


(We actually prefer the VI instead of pictures.)


A button does not have an index, so your description is not clear at all.

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Sorry! This is the image

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First of all, if things should repeat, you probably need a toplevel loop and a reasonable wait in it. You also need to adjust the boolean array so it keeps matching the size of the "array 2" (I could probably come up with a more intuitive label). You probably should also deal with the situation where all booleans are false of where more than one is true at any given time. For easy use, the elements of the two arrays should probably be of the same height.


Again, attach your VI, not a picture.


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This is the Vi

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Here's a "picture" of what I might do...





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Thank you so much. I  would complicate myself with different methods...

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@Costin2001 wrote:

 I  would complicate myself with different methods...

I really don't know what that means....

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