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Delay between writing on windows and reading on MyRio shared variable data.

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Hello, I am using a simple Vi on my main system to aquire keyboard input data and then wiring it into a shared variable. I then use the same variable on MyRio Vi to read the keyboard data. My problem here is that there is siginificant delay between writing and reading, when I press a key it immediatly writes to the variable but takes sometime (around 1.5 seconds) to be read by the myrio. In the shared variable setting (it is network shared), I am not using buffering or any special settings. The keyboard data aquired with aquired input data block is array of unsigned 16 bit integers. My two Vis are shown below. I hope you can help me with this.

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I've not had consistent behavior with Shared Variables.  I essentially abandoned them almost a decade ago (before myRIOs, but with the PXI platform) for Network Streams.  Now that I have some myRIO experience, I continue to use Network Streams (I believe I might have tried Shared Variables with myRIO, I'm not 100% certain, but if so, I've again abandoned them).


Bob Schor

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What you are describing is consistent with my experience with Network Published Shared Variables.  They are slow, usually due to a timeout being required before the data is written to the shared variable server.  Use direct TCP communication to pass your data back and forth.  I prefer using the raw TCP primitives.  Many here prefer Network Streams.  Either one will be a lot more performant than NPSVs.

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My problem is fixed. Enabling RT FIFO on the NPSV setting was the solution. Thanks for help !

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