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Deactivate LabVIEW License to Use Elsewhere

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Good morning,


My company has a number of license for the LabVIEW Professional Development System and LabVIEW Application Builder.  I used the LV Prof. Development System to create the program I needed on a PXI Chassis.  I then built an application and installer.  I then completely removed all NI software from the PXI and just used the installer to reinstall the necessary files for the application.   I went into the LV License Manager and it just says that I have no licenses installed on the PXI. 


Everything works, but I want to make sure that the license I had previously used for the LV Prof. Development System is now available for another computer, since I'm no longer using it on this one. 


Thank you in advance,

Ben B. 

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Accepted by topic author okbovee

Did you deactivate the licence on the NI Licence manager before uninstalling? If you didn't then the NI licencing server still thinks you are using the PXI box. Give your local NI office a call and they'll sort it out for you.

- Cheers, Ed
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