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Data open/save-as in Excel worksheet

Hi all,
i created implement one diagram into my existing vi for opening and saving the data in microsoft excel worksheet but it doesn't work. I have been looking through Excel Macro Example but couldn't make sense of it much.
still new in this and will really appreciate if someone can give me any insights for my problem.
thank you
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You need to learn about data dependency!

In your VI you are performing three actions simultaneously:
  • Reading from an instrument and collecting data and then writing it to a text file in tab-delimited format, and then reading that file, but not doing anything with it.
  • Opening an Excel workbook and then a worksheet, and then closing the reference to the workbook.
  • Opening the Excel application and then closing it the reference to it.
Why do you need to open/close Excel if you're already writing the data to a text file in tab-delimited format? Excel can read this directly.

I would strongly suggest going through the LabVIEW tutorials that discuss data dependency and how to code in LabVIEW.
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