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DSC- Problem in using "Custom VI-periodic" server.

Dear All,

I've created VI that monitors the PLC of our system by Modbus communication. Since I do process on some data in VI that comes from PLC so I cannot use the "DSC Data Logging" to log them directly and I should log all indicators in VI. So I tried to create "Custome VI-Periodic" server to share my VI on network like what I did before in Labview Tank example at "DSC getting started". I do that because I want to do DSC Data Logging on all of my VI's Indicators. 
The problem is when I deploy this custom VI-Periodic while the main VI is running or not, it's not working and by checking its server status at Distributed System Manager, there is error code No. 1003,"Unable to load configuration". So I couldn't share its variables on network to log them.
I'm wondering even it's possible to utilize this method for the VI's that uses other server like Modbus or not. is there any other method that I can log my Data at indicators?
Could you please help me on this matter.
Your support is highly appreciated in advance.


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