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DIAdem report generation



I want to generate a report in PDF by DIAdem. I am using LV 2011 and DIAdem 2011. I have set a custom layout for report. But from block diagram I am able to give only text value, signal values to the DIAdem report express vi, not the image for logo or text for header. All these things we have to do in a window which is coming after double clicking on that option. But I want to give all the values of the layout from block diagram so that it becomes a dynamic report.Is there any other way out? Please help.

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Please respond someone.

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            Can you post your VI?

Thanks as kudos only:)
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I am here attaching my vi as well as the template, layout editor screenshot, report configure screen shot. I am now able to give Title, Subtitle,logo, user from the block diagram. But till now unable to give any text value in the tex object of the template which I have created. Actually along with title,subtitle I want to add some text to the report. So, I added the text object at the template editor. But it not coming as an object in the report config window unlike title, subtitle, user. So, I can't give any dynamical value to these text objects. How do I? Please help.

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Please respond.

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Did you search in DIAdem board 


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No. ok trying there.

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