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DAQ sub folder missing in Labview 7.1

I have tried to install Labview 7.1 on Windows 2000, but the installation appears to miss the DAQ toolbox subfolder. I recognize that this is a problem which has been adressed in the knowledge web, i.e.
However, I am shocked that it has still not been corrected in the latest release. By going in to the custom install, I am able to install support for DAQ support for Labview 7.0. However, the menu file fopr this component, as well as the lib files are placed in a folder, Labview 7.0, while the rest of the installation is in Labview 7.1. This cannot be easily solved by dragging and dropping the appropriate folders.
Is there a proper solution to this boondoggle?
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As descriped in the KB you are refering to, this was an issue with the old driver 6.9.0 and LV 6.1. This was fixed a long time ago, so you must be experiencing another problem.

What driver version are you trying to install?

Todays driver version is 7.4.


Anders M
NI Denmark
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