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Customizable Filters

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Is there any way to use op-amps or any other electrical components in LabView? I want to create controls for filter cutoff, gain, and order but I cannot make controls to adjust filter order in the front panel.

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The myDAQ (and myRIO) come with little plug-in breadboards on which you can build little circuits and then use LabVIEW to apply power, say, to op amps, program a waveform to the circuit input, and measure the voltage output from the circuit.  I'm not sure this is what you are thinking about, but if you Google "myDAQ breadboard", you should be able to find some YouTube videos.  Note that the myDAQ (a decade ago) was designed as an inexpensive DAQ device for the Academic marketplace, and was inexpensive enough that a number of colleges and universities required that engineering students purchase one, particularly if taking a Circuits class, since in combination with a laptop (which most such students had), it replaced a Power Supply, VOM, Signal Generator, Oscilloscope, and provided a breadboard for building (and testing) simple circuits.  I think they are still available for sale ...


Bob Schor

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