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Custom uninstall step

There is an option in LabVIEW builder to run a custom executable or script file at the end of installation process. This is useful to make custom changes to the environment. However, there is often need to clean-up those changes upon uninstallation. LabVIEW application builder does not support running executable at the beginning of uninstallation, as explained in the following NI Idea Exchange post


My question is, does anyone know of any way of executing a custom uninstall step at the beginning of the uninstallation process that would work with current versions of LabVIEW. I tried some registry editing hacks without much success. There are some hack I have not yet tried that I might still try.


Pre-Uninstall Tasks.png


Tomi Maila
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Tomi Maila,


What exactly do you need to change?  Are you simply trying to clean up some left over files or is there more to it than that?


The idea Exchange is always the place to go with new feature requests / suggestions so thanks for posting there as well.




Sam K

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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This time I need to remove a symbolic link, if it exists and twi folders if they are empty.

Tomi Maila
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See here in the Ideas Exchange.


Give it a Kudos if this is what you mean.

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I have not personally used Inno Setup, but a colleague has used it in the past with success to package LabVIEW programs for redistribution. Specifically, check out the [UninstallRun] section of the script (looking at the menu on their documentation webpage, it's under "Setup Script Sections >> [UninstallRun]")


This probably won't help you guys at the LabVIEW shop that is among the best in the world at application distribution/packaging, but perhaps this can help someone else. I don't know any secret LabVIEW hooks to tap into, so hopefully someone can give better advice than the (obvious) third-party route.

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