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Creating tf2sos/tf_to_sos (Transfer function to SOS Matrix) VI

Hi All, 


I'm trying to recreate the tf2sos (Matlab)/tf_to_sos (MathScript) function as a VI as I don't have access to either of the programs, this will be a long term solution so I can't use the demo versions. Has anyone done this already (I searched and couldn't find anything)? Or can anyone point me towards a better algorithem than the one on the matlab site (, at the bottom in the "More About" section).




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Hello Matt,


I have not found previous cases where someone recreated tf2sos in LabVIEW (or any other programming language). You should be able to use the Mathematics and Numeric palettes (both included with the base version of LabVIEW) to recreate this function. However, I recommend purchasing the MathScript RT Module and using the tf_to_sos function to avoid this time consuming process.




Andrew Brown

Software Engineer
National Instruments
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