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Creating reference to access control in subvi (custom dialog)

I have followed the Custom Dialog box white paper ( in order to collect information within a small subvi. I would like to use a ring control to offer the user a range of selections that will be saved from the dialog box. Ideally, I don't want to have to update both the ring in the main vi and the ring in the subvi every time something changes. I need the ring to be populated in the main vi because I am displaying the strings on the main vi, not the number output by the ring. 


I have tried creating a reference with this method ( but this crashed labview every time I tried to run it (Full crash, have to end program from the task manager).


I've attached a screen shot of the relevant part from the main vi and the full subvi. The main vi is rather confusing which is why I didn't attach the whole thing, but my question is whether I wired the reference to the subvi correctly and whether the assignment from the referenced property node to the dialog box property node is correct in the subvi.



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Yes you have wired it correctly. The rings within the subvi will be assigned the StringsAndValues[] from the main vi.

To satisfy yourself simply make a dummy main vi with two rings and connect the references to the sub vi.





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