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Creating dll and calling it in labview crashing the program

Hi All,


I am using labview from quite a long time.But this time i am stuck with dll.Not able to solve this issue.


I have to communicate with FTDI chip.


I have a VC++ Project to communicate with SPI of FTDI.That Code is working perfectly fine.


Now I Have to automate that through LabVIEW. VISA Drivers i cant use in this. So Last option left is either to create dll or to make EXE out of it.


I have tried by creating DLL and then calling it in LabVIEW by using Call Library Function Node.But its not helping me out every time LabVIEW is getting Crashed.


Is there error in creation of dll or something i am not doing properly while calling?


Thanks In Advance 




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Which function call crashes LabVIEW?


Have you tried switching the calling convention from stdcall to C for all of the DLL calls?


Why are you converting a string to a number, instead of using a numeric constant directly? If you want a number in hex, you can right-click a numeric constant, make the radix visible, and switch it to hex display.

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