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Create .exe for two VIs

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Hi everyone, I've been trying to understand how to do it, I have 2 VIs, but firstone is LOGIN, and if this Login is correct then open another VI called TESISFINAL, I don't know if it'll work ok doing it in this way.

Or what I have to do for create an executable that first Open LOGIN and if it's correct then open TesisFinal, don't open 2 VIs at the same time.


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You have to decide what you want to happen.  When the user runs your program (just for the moment, let's pretend it is called "My Program"), what action do you want to have happen?  Should it look, to the user, like the "Login" code is running?  If so, then that's what you specify in your Build.  On the other hand, you might want "My Program" to ignore Login and start running TesisFinal -- this is also OK, you just need to decide and then construct the Build to run whichever piece of code you want to run.


The usual way to do this is to have one VI be the "Starting VI", and have it call on all the other VIs that need to participate in the Project.  Is this how you have constructed your code?  If so, then go ahead and construct the Executable, specifying the VI that starts running first.


Bob Schor

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Where I chose what VI starts first? I have to change something in the " Ladder" or something like that?

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Why does your Project include the NIReport library and LVClass?  Also, I strongly recommend you create an Icon (using the Icon Editor) for TesisFinal -- it will dramatically improve the readability and "understandability" of your routine "login" (by getting rid of that big Question Mark).


Bob Schor

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Yes, I'm doing it, change icon for TesisFinal, but it doesn't help me to chose LOGIN to starts first.

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Accepted by topic author cesarjr.1991

Google "Build LabVIEW Executable" to learn about the Application Builder that is part of the LabVIEW Project.



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I was watching some videos on YOUTUBE haha but Google always is the answer to everything.

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