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Convolution and correlation

Hello! How can i compute c code in lavbeiw? I have output data from two signals in array form x(i) and y(i). I want to calculate cross-correlation and kenerl of two signals. Like from c codes, I need to shift signal x(t) and convolute two signal. Numbers of loop can be defined as controlabled.

for( j=0;j<r1;j++)
		double h=0
		for( i=j+1;i<n;i++)
       // printf("%f  %d  ",h,i-j);
		printf(" H1[%d] = %f\n",j,H1[j]);
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Start with any of the LabVIEW tutorials.  Everything in your C code below can be accomplished with just a few basic functions.


If you have already been through the tutorials and have tried something in LV, post that and let us know what you're having trouble with (i.e. exactly what it is/is not doing that you don't understand).

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LabVIEW has convolution functions built in, but you could even roll your own using relatively simple code. Where are you having problems?

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