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Converting DBL control to control string of different format

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In the below control, the "Channels" control is an input of double and the "Task Channels" is an input of string and also in a different format to communicate with the VIs I'm using. I am trying to eliminate having two separate controls for this input as they are linearly related besides a formatting issue. Is there a way to convert it in the following format below:



   4    =     0:3

   3    =     0:2

   2    =     0:1

   1    =      0


The part that seems like it might be complicated with what I am doing is that a value of 1 eliminates the colon and second digit.


Thank you for any help.



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A simple lookup table would probably be the easiest.  You have an array of the string values and you use Index Array with the Channels value as the index.

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Try this




(note, you probably want to handle the case where the user passes a "0" to the Channels input)


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Appreciate the help, this is perfect for my input condition. In response to the control for a "0" input, it is not necessary because the VI for the DAC I'm using will throw an error with no channels selected and fail to run anyway. 


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