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Convert To Labview from hyperterminal

Convert To Labview from hyperterminal


I am using kind of laser to make experiment and i control this laser by using hyperterminal, i write codes like dl1 to open it and dl0 to close it etc and i can control it by using hyperterminal but i want to convert these codes to labview. i just want to control my laser by using labview, is it possible? I want to create button on labview to open and close the laser and make kind of switch to increase and decrease wavelength and panel to see actual temperature of laser i can see all of them just by using hyperterminal and i convert all of the to labview could you help me about it? fwom where i should start to convert these hyperterminal codes? (I am using rs232 to connect to computer for laser)


Second one i have two differenct labview software and i want to collect them in one labview software instead of opening two different labview is that possible. i measuere different scale by using these two software and i want to use just one labview to measure and save these data.


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Re: Convert To Labview from hyperterminal

If you can communicate with the laser with Hyperterminal, you can do so with LabVIEW.  You must install the VISA drivers as well as LV.  They come with it but are not automatically installed.


The other key thing to remember is that Hyperterminal appends a termination character (line feed?) to the end of each string it sends.  You must do this explicitly in your program win LV if your device requires a termination character.


Start with the Simple Serial examples which come with LV.


To combine two programs into one you make one of them a subVI.  Or you may write a master program and use both of your other programs as subVIs.


I recommend that you work through the on-line tutorials for Getting Started with LabVIEW. These will cover the basics of LV and will save you a lot of time and questions.



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Re: Convert To Labview from hyperterminal

Thank you for your advice, how can i find tutorial for labview because probably during this one year i am gonna do a lot of thing with labview and i should learn it very well. 

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Re: Convert To Labview from hyperterminal

To learn more about LabVIEW it is recommended that you go through the introduction material, tutorial(s), and other material in the NI Developer Zone's Learning Center which provides links to other materials and other tutorials. There are also several Technical Resources. You can also take the online courses for free.

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