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Controlling Valve Using DAQ and 2N2222

Hello everyone, Hope You are good.
I am Using 6008 NI DAQ To Control 24v valve to switch on/off
When I connect the digital pin from the DAQ Directly to the base of the transistor The valve goes on .. and i can't control it

so my question is what is the right connection Should i use on 6008 NI to control the valve
and do i need resistance between the pin and the base .. and if the answer if yes what  is the value of the resistance should i use?

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Your question isn't a LabVIEW question, but rather an Electronics Circuit question, what circuit (presumably a 1-transistor circuit) should you use to get a TTL signal to drive a 24v relay.  Maybe "Ask Google"?


Bob Schor

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For questions specific to the NI USB-6008 you can check out the device's User Guide or Device Specifications, which has the device pinout on the last page.

Francine P.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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This might be of some help.

=== Engineer Ambiguously ===
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