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Control of HP 8452A spectrophotometer via HPIB board (HP 82341) with LabView

I want to control my HP (Agilent) 8452A spectrophotometer by LabView 6i. The 8452A is connected via HP 82341 HPIB board. My operation system is Windows 95.
I downloaded an instrument driver from the Instrument Driver Network web site ( Then according to , I installed HP-SICL (ver. H.01.02) and NI-VISA (ver. 2.6 runtime). I could enable NiVisaTulip.dll Passport. VISA Interactive Control showed GPIB (hp82341, hp82341), GPIB0::18::INSTR, GPIB0::INTFC, GPIB0::SERVANT. (Certainly the HPIB address of the
8452A spectrophotometer is set to 18.)
However, I can?t understand the following steps. What should I do in MAX (ver., NI-VISA or HP I/O config utility? And how to do?
The spectrophotometer doesn?t response at all using the 8452A instrument driver and a sample VI included in the driver. (I can control the 8452A by original HP software, to be sure.) Or, do I have to modify the block diagram of the driver VI? But I have no idea how to change it.

Thanks for your help.
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The second article referenced above gives two options. The second option is probably best with LabVIEW. This option uses NI-VISA to control the HP-IB cards. When NI-VISA is functioning, try communicating with the instrument in VISA Interactive Control. It shouldn't be necessary to change the block diagram of the driver to any large extent.

Be sure the instrument is actually an 8452A and not a similar model, like an 8452B. Also, NI-Spy can display where the errors in communication with the driver fail. Feel free to include a spy capture with the next email.

Randy Solomonson
Application Engineer
National Instruments
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