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Connecting new device

I would like to connect a new electronic equipment, a telemetry system,  to LabVIEW.  I developed it myself.  For communication with the PC  it uses a TTL to USB cable, made by Prolific based on the PL2303 integrated circuit.  I have successfully established communication with the PC using a terminal emulator known as Termite.  I would now like to create a VI to replace the terminal emulator and view incoming data using LabVIEW functions.   I am new to LabVIEW.  I tried using LabVIEW to connect the instrument, but it did not recognize that the instrument was connected, even though it was.  I have placed the drivers of the cable in the directory specified by NI instructions.  Any recommendations as to how to proceed would be warmly welcomed.

Thank you.


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If you're using a terminal emulator to connect to the instrument, then am I correct to assume that the connection acts as a serial port? Do you have NI-VISA (the National Instrument serial instrument drivers) installed? If not, then you probably will not be able to connect to your instrument. If you do have VISA installed, then you can look at the serial port communications examples to see how to send and receive data.


If that doesn't help, please attach your VI showing what you've tried and where the error occurs. You should also have Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) installed. In MAX, under Devices and Interfaces, Serial & Parallel, do you see your device (or the COM port for it) listed? Can you use the VISA test panel to send commands or read data?

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