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Connecting Multiple TMS570s to LabView

Hi Everybody,


I'm setting up a project where I need to control and collect data from ~10 TMS570s simultaniously using a laptop.  

The control of the TMS570s will be include the setting up of the internal time stamp and a simple test to ensure all is working.

The rest of the time will be taken up by data collection which will not stress most communication types though the data will be arriving randomly from all 10 TMS570s. The main concern here is over data integritiy and also the timeliness of data collection.


The communication peripherals offered by the TMS570 are:







-Ethernet (EMAC) .


If you have any recomendations please let me know.







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Hi Alan,


I believe our PXI products in line with our TestStand and LabVIEW software offer the best test and mesurement solution for your application. In order to test all of the communication peripherals offered by the TMS570 you will need a number of modules which I've laid out below.



NI PXI-8517/2 -



There are a number of options for this protocol depending on your requirements (low speed/fault tolerant or high speed) -

For a PXI system a good option would be the NI PXI-8513/2 -


-SPI and I2C

The SPI and I2C protocols can be implemented in software and sent out using one of our DIO modules.

The module will depend on the speed you require but any of our PXI Digital R Series devices will do the job -

Considering you only need digital I/O for SPI and I2C the NI PXI-7813R ( or the NI PXI-7811R ( would be a good choice


-USART (I'm assuming you mean UART?)

You can use a DIO Module to test the I/O on this card as above.




The PXI-8516 offers a 2 port LIN interface


-Ethernet (EMAC)

NI PXI-8231


There is an article on our website that gives a good overview of NI XNET interfaces including CAN, LIN and FlexRay which can be found at the following link -


This is just a brief outline of some of our products and by no means is a complete solution for your application. If you would like a complete spec out and a quote for a full system you can contact our Sales team at 01635 572414 or though our website.


Best Regards,


Paul O'Neill

Applications Engineer

National Instruments UK/IE

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