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Connect InfluxDB with LabView


I,m try to connect LabView whit mi influxDB database, but i have a problem with headers and authorizations.
In the rest of foros i saw that the header of authorization writed the same that in the image, but finally give me the next error.

¿Someone can help me whit this problem?



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Hello there,


I attached a Simple Error Handler to the error wire and got the following dialogue box:


The error code 363500 indicates that there was a failure in connection to the specified hostname. I suggest you recheck if your hostname is correct and if it accepts any connections.


There is also a forum thread with a solution for this exact error code. Please have a look at it as well:
Errors 363500 and 56 on HTTPS - NI Community


Also, here are some related articles that might help with this error code. Even though they are not specific to your error, they still might be helpful with the issue you are encountering:

Error 363507 When Using the HTTP Client API in LabVIEW - NI

Error Code 363510 When Using WebDAV VIs - NI

Error 363502 in LabVIEW When Transferring Files From a WebDAV Client - NI


Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

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