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Configure Panel as Top-Level Hidden Method

So, glancing through the 2018 New Features page I saw this;


  • The VI class includes the new Configure Panel As Top-Level Hidden method. Use this method to hide the front panel of a VI and optionally to hide the VI from the taskbar when the VI runs as a top-level VI. For example, use this method to hide the front panel of startup VIs of stand-alone applications that you build in LabVIEW.

Which I thought, really cool. Using the custom .ini tag "HideRootWindow=True" and ensuring proper handling in the VI is okay, but it would be swell if there was a single method internal to LabVIEW that handled all this. 


However, I can't find this method anywhere. Searched all over the VI/Application/Front Panel methods, searched the help file, searched the forums. Can't find it anywhere. Has anyone used this yet, and if so, where is it?

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HideRootWindow actually hides the icon from the Task bar in Windows. This means it runs as a hidden executable, so, no front panel visible and no icon. In our case we use it for our thin clients and all interaction is done through System Tray icons and notifications.

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