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Configuration / Application Settings manager in 2022?

Greetings community,

I am looking for guidance about configuration / application settings manager options in 2022. In my research I have come across quite a few things, none of which seem to have many examples/discussion beyond their existence and maybe a hello world:

Configuration Editor Framework (CEF) 

Options Dialog Framework (ODF) 

AF Based Options Dialog 

MGI Framework - Hot off the press (29 March 2022), experimental 

Open Source Configuration Manager, just found in a google search 


An exception is This post by Hooovahh explaining his approach (as of 2016 at least).


Might some of the more veteran/active members have some guidance on a wise way of tackling this issue 2022? The only real definitive thing that I have noticed is that CEF and MGI seemed aimed towards on-the-fly management of devices only whereas ODF and AF solutions are rather for application logic.


One of my big sticking points is named in the ODF page, but they defer to show an example, and that is propograting settings changed in a central configuration window to the relavent applicaiton pieces. Hooovahh goes into his solution for this.

My second pain point is that a lot of times actors have settings on their UIs (in a subpanel, likely) that make sense to save. So then there is the question of coordination options as shown in a central configuration window (probably run by it's own actor) and the target actor FP. I guess a settings manager could maintain "visible in config" and "not visible in config" options.

Quite a complex topic with as many possible solutions as developers. Any advice from the Pros out there?

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If this is the beta you are talking about, you are not to talk about the beta outside of the forum.

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@billko wrote:

If this is the beta you are talking about, you are not to talk about the beta outside of the forum.


I meant in the current calendar year. All of those links I posted are 5-10 years old aside from MGI. Had I meant the LabVIEW version I would have wrote LV22.

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