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Compile LabVIEW Exe with Dynamic VIs (w/Block Diagram Removed) called from a Folder

Hello LabVIEW Coders:


I remember seeing and article on how to compile an Exe and have Dynamic VIs,  with block diagram removed, called from a folder rather than always including the same dynamic VIs in the exe app file. I had yet to use this approach because it was just easy to include dynamic VIs in a folder. 


However, my app is now ~60mb and I have ~60 dynamically called VIs. 


Does anyone have a pointer for an article to compile a LabVIEW exe to call dynamic VIs from a folder. The dynamic VIs will be saved with Block Diagram removed.


Thanks for any help.



Anthony L.

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Build the VI into a packed library. See Dynamically Called SubVI Does Not Load When Built Into an Executable. You can remove the block diagram under Source File Settings. See Effects of Removing Block Diagram From LabVIEW VI.

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