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Compilation error "VI not in memory" with MalleableBuffer

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I want to build my application but I have an error at the compilation. "This VI is not in memory" concerning a VI containing "Create DVR Buffer" of the library Malleable Buffer. When I disable this VIs, it compiles. 

Then I ve made some builds tests in a smaller VI with malleable buffer and I observe really weird behaviour. At the beginning, it compiles and when I delete some parts of code, the build does not compiled anymore, but this parts of code does not even concerned malleable buffer (random vi of openG in the video for example).

See the video, you can clearly see the problem..

Any ideas, please?


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I watched the video. I don't know why your build fails near the end of the video. The VI has a solid run arrow, so it should build successfully.

Just to confirm: Are some of the subVIs you are using malleable subVIs? (In other words, is their file extension ."vim" instead of simply ".vi")

You might be experiencing a LabVIEW bug, i.e. a bug in the LabVIEW environment itself.

In the following video, Darren Nattinger explains some similar, unexpected and unexplained behaviour of LabVIEW when using malleable VIs and/or PPLs: . Around 18 months ago I also experienced a situation where perfectly valid code that used malleable VIs would fail to build into an EXE.

What version of LabVIEW are you using? It must be LabVIEW 2020 SP1 or newer (due to the new orange icon). Upgrading to the latest version (2022 Q3) might fix it.

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Thank you for your answer.


It seens, I have solve my problem checking the build option "Disconnect type definitions". (I don't explain why...)

So, I didn't try to install LabVIEW 2022 Q3 to see if it solves the problem as well.


The video in link is very interesting 🙂


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