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Compatibilidad de LabVIEW con windows 11

Mi laptop se actualizo a windows 11 y no pude abrir mas el LabVIEW, cuando trate de reinstalarlo me dice que no encuentra el archivo NIpackageManager.exe, no se si deba corregir algo, porque descargue el archivo offline y tampoco me dejo instalarlo.




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None of the NI platform products is supported officially on Windows 11 yet.

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Para cuando se estima que se pueda solucionar los temas de compatibilidad de LabVIEW con Windows 11, puesto que esto me ha generado inconvenientes académicos en la universidad

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LabVIEW itself installs and runs pretty fine on Windows 11. It’s the NIPM part that stumbles over Windows 11.

Other than that NI only officially tests and states compatibility with certain OS versions for releases that happen after the release of that OS. That means the earliest LabVIEW version that might officially support Windows 11 could be 2021SP1 due sometimes in spring 2022.


Note that there are no guarantees. NI doesn’t make statements about when a new release will be done nor what features and compatibilities it has before the actual release date.

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