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Compact Rio C series module - programatically configuring slots

I am developing an A/D aquisition application for the compact Rio using a touch panel screen for the user interface.

My question is, is the compact rio capable of having the different c series modules swopped into different slots, and for me to be able to assign logical names for the modules in their slots and have a configuration file to assign the channel names?
Basically... be able to put any c series in any slot and have my program recognise this and set up a config file for it.
If so how would i go about doing this?
Your help would be greatly appreciated!Robot Very Happy
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Hello Bcousins,

Unfortunately, once you have added an I/O item in your project for your cRIO, that is the slot where your program is going to be looking. Any changes you make would result in a recompile, and I do not believe there is a way to have your program know programmatically which slot a given module with a logical name is in.

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Hi Bcousins,

Sam is correct that this is not currently possible with LabVIEW FPGA and CompactRIO.  I'm curious on the need for this on your application.  Can you provide some more details as why you would like this funtionality.


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