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Combining 2 programs to get image


I have a scanning program in XY direction with Labview which is running and I have a separate T1 relaxation program that is running too. I need to integrate scanning program and T1 relaxation program to get the T1 2D image. I would like some help or suggestions with this.

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What's the T1 relaxation program? Was that also written in LabVIEW? Or software from a vendor?


Generally, software has to have an interface (API) provided by the vendor in order to interact with it. Does your T1 relaxation program include an API?

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T1 relaxation program is also written in labview

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Ok, there is no step-by-step guide for merging two functionalities into a single application. Your best bet is probably to upload all of your code in a zip file to get some suggestions.
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