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Cognex and LED Light Testing

Hello everyone. I am a little new to Labview and my last real interaction with it was over two years ago and have recently started a new project that involves some testing of a few different pieces of hardware.


I am trying work with python and/or Labview to communicate through an IO-Link PLC over profinet. Admittedly I am unfamiliar with a lot of this hardware, but I really want to learn and figure this out.


My main issue right now is basic communication. I am able to ping the several readers, the PLC, and other hardware, but having a heck of a time trying to get any of my attempts of code to work. I believe a big part of my problem is working out where to start or what to start with (language, software, or hardware). At the moment I think I need to figure out how to communicate through the PLC its self addressing the specific IPs and ports?


I found this repo that looks like it might help, haven't had a chance to try it out yet though.


Any examples or educating would be much appreciated. I really want to understand this more and what I am not thinking of to look for.



My current objectives are to test the following:

  1. Check video of a Cognex 280X Barcode Scanner
  2. Toggle and check (GVI) two RGB warning lamps.
  3. Test NFC reader is operational.


I am currently prioritizing the cognex and RGBs at this time.











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