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CoPilot software simulation



Has anyone used Copilot software by Astronics Ballard Technology. 

I am trying to use under the OMNIBUS II NI PXIe, Omnibus II PXIe versions LV222-442-442.

Co Pilot software is connected to
Ch0 - RX (Receive)
Ch24 - TX (Transmit)

then it converts the data to hex.

I need to write a VI that would enable ch0 and ch24 and have a control for "Distance to Go" to change NM value and have it received at ch0 with the same hex value received.

how do i got about doing so or is it even possible?






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Hi Kristy,

do you think LabVIEW is related to "LabelView" in any way?
Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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I am new to the company and thats what they asked me to do. i am not too sure if its even possible. i dont know to derive the hex number 0AA8C8.




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There is a VeriStand custom device to support that hardware which supports ARINC 429 protocol.


That code relies on other components mentioned in the readme for that project. One of those dependent libraries is an encoding and decoding library for ARINC 429.


Hopefully, that VeriStand custom device and those helper libraries written in LabVIEW give you some ideas.

NI Sound and Vibration
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