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Cluster with VI reference


A cluster "Full" has set of device parameters. I want that one of the parameters will be VI server ( It doesn't work and shows one of 2 errors. One error is on attached drawing. Another error is pink line. The error show depends of which file was upgraded the last Full.ctl or

Is there any way to add VI reference into cluster?

Thanks, Andrey.

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We cannot debug pictures, so please attach the vis. Are all connector panes the same?

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I don't know what "pink error" you are talking about.  But if you hover over the broken wire, it will tell you what is wrong.


What is the datatype showing when you hover over the wire coming out of the typedef?


You are wiring a file reference from the file open into an item in the cluster called "task ref".  That seems to be two different types of references.  Study the typedef and also the context help when you hover over the broken wire.  It should clue you in as to what is going wrong.

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Zip file with a test project is attached. is start vi. This is small test from real application.

If Full.ctl wouldn't have then there is not any issue.

The goal is to split into, and use in real application.


Thanks, Andrey.

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First question, who created these VI's?  Were they from some professional company, or did you or someone you know create them?


When I open up the Task.VI, that subVI doesn't even use the taskRef element.  So if you don't wire it up, the subVI won't even care.


Do you even know where that element gets used?


I'm not even sure that it belongs in the typedef.  It is basically a static reference, but having it withing the typedef, it should probably be a control for the reference, not a static reference to a specific VI

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Ok-ok ...

I created VIs. This is simple and small portion from real device library. works. doesn't work.


Goal is to separate and from To achieve the goal TaskVi reference was added into Full.ctl.


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