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Cleaning a waveform.

Fnavarrensis escribió:

Hi yoko,


Using the same code, made it a little bit more dynamic, now it will adjust the trimming index and decrease it a little more until it detects 3 (or whatever value entered in control) trimmed peaks, this means that the triming level will vary for every waveform. I checked with the 3 groups of data you posted and it looks pretty well. If you want it to be more severe, you can increase the number of trimmed points, with the risk of deleting some waveform data. As you can see, there´s plenty of modifications we can do on the code, so I recommend you to play with the similar fucntions if another specification should appear.


Hope this helps, cheers!

it sounds good, just a little thingy, ill need LV2011 version :o,

Thank you 🙂

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Sorry, I thought I attached 2011 version, there you go.

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Fnavarrensis escribió:

Sorry, I thought I attached 2011 version, there you go.

Ok, THank you it odes the job, im going to examine the code and do some testing.


will come back at you, Thank you 🙂

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