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Classes Contain Object Data Members - LabVIEW won't put Object Accessors into SCC

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I found this quirky bug with LabVIEW 2013.  I create a class that has objects as data members and I'm not able to enter these into SCC.  I can manually do it through the Perforce GUI but it's kind of a pain.  Here are some photos to show what I'm talking about


Here's a generic VI that I can add

Can Add To SCC.PNG

Here are the accessors that I can't add

Can Not Add To SCC.png


Accessors that are for standard labview data types (strings, arrays, numerics, etc) are fine but it doesn't play nice with objects.  Has anybody else encoutered this?

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Could it be a name problem ?


Can see that you name the vi's as

Have you tried to remove the .lvclass from the name of the vi?

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YES!!!Smiley Happy


That is exactly the problem. Thank you!!!

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