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Choosing a specific range

Hello i've to do a little work...this is taken from my multimeter's user guide.

I've to choose a specific value in a specific range( only values that are in "one year") knowing frequency and tension.

For example:

I've 0.2 volt and 19.000 HZ and i've to associate this result to 0.06+0.04 (remember only one year)! what shall i do?


I tried in this way but i can't continue and i'm sure that i can use a better way..please help me. ( This is only a part of the work)

How you could see, i have two choises for voltage and six choises for frequency.

For voltage i used only a comparison, so that if voltage is < 0,1 V i will have a true output.

The problems are in the frequency.... i tried to use six "logical and"(look at the picture.. the orange input is the frequency),  my idea is to connect the outputs with other six "logical and" that have as input "the voltage comparison output" and the "frequency output"!so that if the output is high(it will be only one) i can associate a particolar value.


But the problem is how can i associate this "true output" to a particolar value?

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Please help me.. it's so important 😞
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Please don't use a third-party image hosting service. Many users are blocked from such sites. Just attach images to your post.
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Hi SenedLoos


I read your post. You wrote is import. Did you found the solution since your last post? In case, could you provide more detailed information: which is the hardware you are using? Which is your LabVIEW version? Can you post the images instead of linking them?





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