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Cannot access crio 9053 local files through file explorer, or find sd card

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I was doing fine with a crio 9074, but the 9053 is throwing me for a loop. I tried accessing the local files through a file explorer by going to but a messagebox pops up and says a connection with the server could not be established.


Then I went in to MAX, right clicked on my device, and selected File Transfer. That opens up an internet browser with the following link: http://ni-crio-9053-forklift.local/files/ , and that seems to actually give me access to local files. However, I can't find the SD card anywhere in those directories. 


Supposedly there's a way to enable the FTP server in MAX, but I can't find anything. Anybody have any insight? Thanks

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the ftp-server is depreciated on current Linux cRIOs like your cRIO 9053.

It is possible to install the ftp-server but it is not recommended, cf. this KB 


The preferred method is to use WebDAV. WinSCP would be a client that supports this protocol.


Another option would be to activate SSH access (using NI MAX) and then use SFTP - easy again with WinSCP.


Regards, Jens

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Beautiful, thank you!

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Also, for anyone who may come here in the future, I had to format sd card to be a linux friendly format type. I think most sd cards are of the exFAT type, but I had to convert it to ext2 format. Used a third party software to do so. Then it showed up in my crio files as the folder called "U".

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Hi. Would you please let me know which software did you use to format xFAT to ext2?

Since my xFAT SSD card is not recognized in the CRIO drives as well.

Best regards


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