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Can you stop table indicator cell editing?



  Is there a way to disable the ability of a user to edit the cells of a table indicator? I have a table indicator on my front panel and just want it to be a indicator, nothing else. I have found that I can change the contents of a cell in the table indicator and type in any value I want. 


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If its an indicator, and the VI is running, then they can't edit the cells of the table.


The only way they can edit an indicator is if the VI is not running.  Which begs the question, why are you allowing a user to access a non-running VI?

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if you still not happy with Ravens solution switch to "multicolumn listbox"Smiley Wink
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    The code that puts data into the table is in a subvi that periodically runs to get the power levels from the AC power supply. So when the power supply is not being queried for the power levels the user can change the cell contents. So , I will try the multi-column list box to see if that works any better. Stay tuned for further details....


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  I tried using a multi-column list box and the data type for the list box value is a 32 bit unisigned integer. How do I put a data array into a multicolumn list box?


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Why DOn't you just disable the control for the table?
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Tried that , it does not work. Is there a bug with Labview 8.2?

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You are going to have to post some code. An indicator cannot be edited while running and if a control is disabled, it cannot be edited. No bug.
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You can lock your VI (VI Properties -> Protection).  This stops the casual user from editing the values when the VI is not running.  The cunning user will simply unlock the VI and mess with the table.  In this case your choices are either to threaten them with physical harm or password protect your VI.


You can also put a transparent control (such as a 2D picture) on top of the table and group them.  This is effective, but very annoying, so this is usually relegated to 'dirty tricks to play on your co-worker'.


The best advice is probably what you have already been given, if someone is to be "using" your VI then it should be running.  Trusting a user with access to the block diagram is like trusting your teenager with the keys to your sportscar.

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A technique I have used at times to quickly disable multiple controls at one time (provided they are located near each other) is to create a simple string indicator that is transparent. Size it so that it covers the controls (in your case the table) that you want to disable. In your code when you want to disable those controls use the property node to make the transparent string control visible. When you want to enable the controls use the property node to set the "visible" attribute to false. This is a simple trick that can be useful at times.
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