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Can you model a process using labview



I was wondering if you can model a process using Labview? This is my first time using Labview so I am not familiar with everything it can do. I am a Chemical Engineer working on a project, I have used HYSYS in the past for modeling but the current project I am working on is unique and HYSYS cannot be used. Therefore I need to add Pressure Indicator Controllers, Temperature Indicator Controllers and Level Indicator Controllers, is this possible? I do not have any data to input yet as I am using this as a model to figure out what equipment would work best.


Any help would greatly be appreciated.  

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A model is just an equation or set of equations which describe the process. If you have such a model, you can use LabVIEW to calculate numerical values for the model.  You will probably not find pre-existing VIs for your controllers. There are PID VIs.  You may want to look at the Simulation toolkit.



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