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Can I trigger analog input when analog output regenerates a buffer?

I need to generate continuous analog ouput using, for example, "AO Waveform" and setting generation count to zero. At various times I want to begin an analog input, but I need to begin the input at the beginning of the output buffer to obtain phase information. For reasons related to the sensor I am using, I cannot turn the analog output off and on to synchronize it with the analog input.

Is there an RTSI signal routing solution? Is there an analog output buffer regeneration trigger signal available?

I am using a 6052E DAQ card.
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It is rather unfortunate, but an excellent solution would have been to use DAQ occurrences. Unfortunately, for reasons that I don't understand, NI has decided not to pursue this useful (in my opinion) feature. The limited features that are currently available, which may not be supported on your board, do not include anything related to analog output.

However, there is an answer. As this is output, and you are generating it (or having it generated), you have all the answers.

I would suggest you look at your waveform generation and see if perhaps a circular buffer, or a low level output function can help you solve this at that level.

Take a look at the hardware. Also, contact NI, they may be able to provide you a function call to the NiDAQ functions that contr
ol AO on that board and be able to provide you with a means to obtain or generate (DIO) the signal you want.

Good luck.
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Hello Schuring


do you have any approach to start working on it?


if you have it, please shared with me.

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I do not see directly available signal - you need to generate it.

My approach would be to start a counter pulse output task with ticks. Source of the ticks - analog output sample clock. Continuous generation,  ticks high + ticks low = length of your generation buffer. Start counter task before you start analog output. 

Then you can use this counter output as a start trigger for analog input task. Falling edge will be 0 phase difference, rising edge phase will depend on ratio between high and low ticks.

Check routes, may be internal board counter will be enough.

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