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Calling ActiveX dll in Labview

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I am a new starter in  I have a ActiveX control dll (NI vision control -> CWIMAQ). I need to call the dll functions in Labview. I searched for the articles about this topic. everybody talking about Single thread and register the dll.  I have no idea about these things. Any body can give me a hand. How it works? 


Thanks for any info


best regards.

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To use an ActiveX control in LabVIEW you place an ActiveX container on the front panel and browse for the control to put it in. Then use property nodes and/or invoke nodes from the ActiveX palette to set properties and call methods.


To register a DLL open a command prompt, navigate to the folder where your ActiveX control is, normally the system32 folder of Windows, and type

regsvr32 <name of dll file>.


In LabVIEW use Help >> Find Examples... and type in the Search tab ActiveX.


Using 7.1.1, 8.5.1, 8.6.1, 2009 on XP and RT
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Thanks for the info.


I think i mislead the qustion. I am sorry.


I created a C# .net dll with a Form and a ShowForm() function to display the Form. I can call the ShowForm() function from Labview and display the Form without problem.


Now I add a NI Vision control (CWIMAQ) to the Form, rebuild it. It doesnt work any more. The error msg was: "he ActiveX-Control adbf7240-2b8d-11d1-b5c5-00a024d63828 cannot instantiate, the current Thread is not Singlethread-Apartment"


Any one can help with this error?


thanks and best regards

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Since this is a C# problem you may repost it in the Measurement for .NET Languages subforum.

Using 7.1.1, 8.5.1, 8.6.1, 2009 on XP and RT
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I had a problem using activeX dll.

I made a dll ActiveX using vb6, it works properly with my development computer with a Labview test program.

I copy this dll, i used regsrv32 and it answered "register successfully". I try my test program (i verified if my refnum are linked to this dll): it doesn't work.

I unregistred and registred again.

Still doesn't work.


Each time, i try the software twice before unregistering and registering this dll activeX


It occurs these two errors


Class not registred

The server thrown an exception

Can you help me please?

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of course, to use the dll with the second computer i had firstly install VB6 runtime
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