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Broadband spectral sweep of ni5660 to disk?



I'd like to use the ni5660 to save broadband (100 MHz) spectrum to disk.  I understand the real-time bandwidth limitations (1.25 MHz DDC limitation, 20 MHz total bandwidth possible if first dumped to the onboard memory), but I don't know the sweep rate limitations (how quickly can I reset the niTuner to a new center frequency and is there any danger in damaging the tuner by sweeping too quickly over an extended period of time?).  My interest is the 2.4 - 2.5 GHz (rougly ISM band).  I'd like to imitate the sweep functionality of the 5660 Demo Panel, with a save to disk option and, perhaps, I-Q data in place of amplitude only.  I'll be saving a full day's worth of data to the PC's HD.


I'm looking for code/suggestions on to accomplish this with the highest resolution for a given sweep rate setting.




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Shoot, did it again.  I'll repost to the RF meas forum.



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