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Bluetooth automation

Hi Friends,
Its a general post but something related to Lab view and i felt that you guys could help me.
I can't explain you completely about my project.
But in short i'll let you know what exactly my req is.
I've developed a tool in Labview which works as a comparison tool for a Voice recognition engine.
Tool will work as below.
  • Initiate the system thru LPT events  (Data available in Excel sheet)
  • Play a wav file from Library, record the response thru labivew and save a .wav file in PC.
  • Run the Compariosn algorithm which checks the .wav with text input and results a pass/fail

But now the problem is few test cases should be tested before the phone is paired and few after the phone paired.

Pairing a phone needs a Bluetooth enabled phone and an user interaction to give the pin no (1234)

I want to automate it somehow by which the VI should take care of pairing the phone automatically..

In what way should i proceed to do this...

Anybody who experienced the problem previously please help me...



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Hi Suneel,

afaik, it´s possible to deactivate the connection check.

Hope it helps.

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I'm not clear of what you've replied.
You are asking me to deactivate the VI.
Right now for such scenarios of pairing phone...
I've kept a User input button which will wait until user does his operations at the back and press Ok.
But that will not help me if i'm looking for 100% automation....
Now i can say my tool is only Semi automated
i want my tool to be used as fully automted.
Please let me know if you are still not clear of what i am looking for.
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Hi Suneel,

i mean that it should be possible to deactivate the check. It should be possible to connect to the phone without insert the pin.


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No Mike,
Our software is designed in such a way that it will ask for pin (1234) the moment it detects a bluetooth device.
And that pin (1234) need to be activated in our phone....
Operation would be something luike this.
  • Connect pair phone (radio)
  • A window display comes in the radio asking to switch on bluetooth in mobile and authenticate with pin 1234 (system waits until the things are done in mobile)
  • so you have switch BT on in mobile and press the pin....
  • Thats all....



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Hi Suneel,

ok, so now you think about using a robot which press the keys or a software for the phone which insert the pin?


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Yes Mike,

You are right.

But is there any possibility to interface a bluetooth phone with labivew and control it thru labview.

Which should avoid this robot (a solenoid which presses the pins automatically but would be costlier)

Please suggest which approach should i go for.

Solenoid thru mechanical action is already there in my mind.

But the setup would be costly...


Got some info in this page.


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Hi Suneel,

I don't believe there is any way to use Bluetooth to enter the PIN (as it would basically defeat the purpose of having a PIN!).  So I believe your options would be either mechanically pressing the buttons, or taking advantage of any other communication protocol used by the phone.  Some phones will be able to respond to commands on a serial port.  If that is the case with your phone, you may be able to enter a PIN through LabVIEW.  Otherwise, I believe you will have to do it mechanically.  If that is the case, LabVIEW can certainly control any number of hardware devices to accomplish this.

Hope this helps!
Brian A.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Hi all,


I have similar application like suneel,blluetooth automation.



1) Develop a GUI(which supports BT playback) and use labview as a bluetooth device


My question is can labview act as a bluetooth source ? can it send some files? GUI also has authentication access for BT devices.


Thanks & Regards



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Hi Bobby,


I ve forgot about this thread.Its been a long time i've looked into this.

Anyways as Briab said in previous post to achive this i am looking for the serial command interface thru AT command interface.

I am not yet clear where to start but digging into all the manualsof phones which support AT Commands.

From one of my colleagues i heard that Siemens support the AT commands.

So once if hardware is available to me i will put forth some more comments of my observations...

I may strat the work from trow...




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