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Bloomy VI Analyzer test file

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Hello , I am reading the <<LabVIEW Style Book>> of Bloomy . In chapter 10 ,there are some VI Analyzer cfg tests files , I want to download them in but I can not create the account as I can not see the CAPTCHA . Is there anyone can help me to download the cfg tests file ? Many thanks ! 

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Accepted by topic author 清风之刃

One of my favorite LabVIEW books!  When I started learning LabVIEW, I read this book cover-to-cover 3 or 4 times during my first years of LabVIEW (I got sort of "thrown in" to take over a 1000-VI project (lower-case "p") written in LabVIEW 7, totally without documentation.  I ended up rewriting it from scratch, using Design and Style principles learned from Peter.


I just talked to someone at Bloomy, and got permission to download and post the VI Analyzer cfg test file.  Have fun.


Bob Schor

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Hi, Guys:


    Many thanks for you , but I have checked the cfg file , I found some configuration seems not same with the Style Book said , for example the Book suggest to set the Coercion Dots maximum number on a single wire to 0. but in the cfg file the Single Wire is the default value "2" . I am confused about this , and I don't know which one is the correct ?

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The question "Which one is correct?" may be meaningless.  You are comparing what is written in a book published more than 15 years ago with LabVIEW code (probably being used by Bloomy Controls) that can be found on their Web Site.  "Style" doesn't have hard-and-fast "rules" -- are you exactly following all of the suggestions that you find in the LabVIEW Style Book?  In particular, are all of your VIs now fitting on a sincle Laptop screen?


Bob Schor.  

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You are right , I think I got your point . Thank you very much
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