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Big Integer operations or library

Hi All,

 I am trying to find a library that handles operations on large integers(> 64 bit). Does Labview have a native library? If not, can anyone recommend one that they have used successfully in Labview?

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What kind of "operations"?
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Basically I am looking for a LabView library that can match the operations achieved by a package like BigInt in PERL.

If not all, at least the most used like Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Modulus and Power.

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There is no native support in LabView for integers greater than 64-bits. You could represent these integers as string, then create functions that convert segments of the string into numbers in 64-bit sizes and operate on them, but this type of workaround would not be handy for operations like Power and Divide. I did find this link about how a user generated their own library to operate on large integers in LabView, which you may find helpful:



Dan Nelson

Applications Engineer

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