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Basler Ace Camera Connected to myRIO, Reduced Frames per Second

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I have a Basler Ace acA1300-200uc camera. I only have purchased its USB 3.0 cable which I used to connect my camera. Using the USB connection, when I connect the camera to the laptop and open NI MAX, I can grab at 169 frames per second which is perfect. However, if I connect the camera's USB to the myRIO 1900 USB 2.0 port and access the camera again in NI MAX but under myRIO, the frames per second barely reach a value of 4. 


I was wondering if this related to the power output from the USB 2.0 port of myRIO. I know that the USB 3.0 of the camera itself supplies it with a 5V power which is supposed to go smoothly. I need help figuring out why the frames per second via myRIO is that low.


Thanks in advance!


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What happens if you connect the camera to a USB 2.0 port on a PC (laptop or desktop)?  


Bob Schor

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When I connect the camera to the USB 2.0 port of my laptop, I can grab at 169 frames per second, which is what I want. However, then if I connect the camera to the USB 2.0 port of myRIO, I can only grab at 4 fps. I need to connect the camera to the myRIO for my application. Even if I create a simple VI on LabVIEW that grabs images in a while loop, and run it as a stand alone application on myRIO, it still would grab at only 3 fps.

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Sorry, I've never tried to run IMAQdx on a myRIO, and don't know what limitations, if any, there are on that platform.  It's not running Windows, that's for sure ...


Bob Schor

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Accepted by topic author KristinaFarah

Hello Kristina


I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I believe there are some considerations you can take.


MyRIO does not have a USB 3.0 so, it is something that it is not supported by the myRIO.


On the other hand, you definitely won't be able to get the speeds that they would on a PC with a USB 3.0 port. In addition to the USB port limiting the frame rate, it could also be limited by the CPU, although 4 fps seems pretty slow. We replicated the event and It is displaying slowly because you are connecting to the myRIO over USB, so the speeds that it can actually display in max are pretty slow. But the actual myRIO is acquiring faster than that. 25 fps doesn't seem unreasonable for USB 2.0 speeds. I could get much higher speeds by making the acquisition window smaller

Which leads me to believe that the problem is USB 2 bandwidth. See the image below about the Throughput.





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