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BER test using HSDIO

Has anyone had any experience coding a BER tester using HSDIO and PRBS.   I am trying to develop BER tester using labview 7.1, winxp, and 5-PXI-6551s.   One problem I am running into is I am trying to create a PRBS waveform before generation using the rand function however if I try making a sequence longer than 10,000,000 it seems to run out of memory.  Has anyone done something similiar before or have any suggestions?


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Hi Brian,
Attach your VI to this thread and I'll take a look at it and make suggestions.

Brooks W.
National Instruments
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I want to make my Altera Cyclone 3 FPGA work as a PRBS generator and BER tester to check the speed of the FPGA. I have LABVIEW  2012 with me . Can anyone help me with this?


Thanks in advance

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