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Array Size Improvement / Idea

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Can we make the Array Size function expandable to output the size of each dimension directly?  It's a small feature but I think it would be nice, and could make diagrams cleaner.  


No expanding:

Array Size Method 1.PNG










Expanding 'Index Array' function:
Array Size Method 2.PNG








Proposed idea:

Array Size (future).PNG







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Accepted by topic author gnzork

Ideas belong in the ideas exchange and this has been proposed before.

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Should I repost in the ideas section? 


Yes it was proposed 2009. 

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No.  You should go to that idea and add your kudoes to it by clicking the star.


If you re-post it, it will just be classified as a duplicate and nothing more will come of it.

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If you have a 2D array, you can use the Matrix Size function.

"If you weren't supposed to push it, it wouldn't be a button."
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You could do-it-yourself with an XNode.

"If you weren't supposed to push it, it wouldn't be a button."
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@paul_cardinale wrote:

You could do-it-yourself with an XNode.

I've been thinking this would be nice to have for a while, and the recent project got me excited enough to finally post about it.  


To be honest though, the more I think about it I could easily define three indicators that act like variables for the three dimension sizes, since I know they only change when I open a new dataset.  That way in my code I could just create a local variable for that dimension size, which would probably save more space than the proposed idea for "array size".  I'll give this a try first and see how I like it.   

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As mentioned already in that Idea Exchange thread, there is an XNode already that does this.  Still you could look at the source to help understand how to works.  And checkout the XNode Editor if you are interested in making your own.  But to be honest I don't work with arrays larger than 2D very often and the Matrix Size works fine for 2D.  I have presented on XNodes in the past just know they are undocumented, and you can code things that crash LabVIEW pretty easily, but once developed and tested the can be stable.  There are several shipped with LabVIEW on your palette.

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