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Arduino FIFA_BASE firmware error

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I am not able to upload firmware to my Arduino Mega 2560 using arduino 1.8.10.

Any one got same fault??


Se picture added.

Looks like the display part of the code is the error part.

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I removed LiquidCrystal library found on "Documents/Arduino/libraries".

The LiquidCrystal library found on "Programfiles(x86)/Arduino/librarries" has been left installed.

Was able to install code to arduino Mega but I get a new error. I get a time out.


Any one seen this?
I have the correct COM port.

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Accepted by topic author KimLorentz84

LIFA has been deprecated and replaced with LINX

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tnx for your replay.


I have gone over to LINX but also looking at making custom firmware or arduino code.

Have to wait for new versjon on LINX and labview 2020 community edition due to LINX on Pi does not work anymore.


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