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Analog Discovery , Not working by Labview

I trie to work Analog disvocery with samle vi in"" .

But a error occurs and this sample vi can not works.

Ths message for error is "error 3 occur on AD2 Error"


I assume that this program can work both Analog Discovery and Analog Discovery 2.

Is this right?

If so ,Please gvie me advice what do I need to check?

I have checked alreadyt as follow.


I confirmed the connection of device on NI MAX, but  I can not find the device.

And I conffrimed that  the device can work on Waveforms by Digilent .


Best regards

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Hi kawa1013,


Are you stopping the VI using the "Abort" button in the toolbar or programmatically by using a stop button?


This error can be encountered if you stop VI execution before it has had a chance to execute the shutdown code for a DAQmx task. In this event, DAQmx may not execute the Clear Task function for a task, causing the VI to keep ownership of your hardware resource, even after it has stopped needing it. Make sure you are running the example VI properly, as specified by the developer. LabVIEW best practice is to include steps to run the VI somewhere in its front panel or block diagram, if you are having trouble finding them.


The following article contains more thorough troubleshooting steps to resolve the DAQmx error that has been known to throw the error you are observing:

Resolving NI-DAQmx Error -50103 in LabVIEW:



If you can upload a screenshot of the specific error code you are receiving, that would also help to troubleshoot your issue.




Duncan W.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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