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Analog Discovery 2 in LabView Home

Hello, i have labview home edition (2014 SP1) installed.

I have waveforms 2015 installed en use Analog Discovery 2.

By the VI Package manger i installed the Digilent WaveForms VIs.


By Find Examples i search for Digilent, not one (of 6) example works.

The give massive errors; SubVI'DigilentWF.lvlib:DWF PS Configure Voltage': SubVI is not executable


In the Functions palette under Measurement I/O i find the Digilent WF VIs, no one of this work.

The VI gives the error 'Call Library Function Node 'dwf.*iniVB_PS_Initialize': Library not found or faile to load message shows up.


LabView does not reagonize my analog discovery 2 not by name and/or by serial number


I did seperate installations on 2 different machine's with the same results.


It looks to me that something is not installed, but what?

I hope someone can help thx in advance

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             The Analog Discovery 2 LabVIEW VIs is using Call Library Function Node. The .dll file might be missing. Just go through the manual for installing the LabVIEW drivers. There might be something additional you might have to install.



Abraham Kurien

Team Leader

Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd



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Il find out that:


LabView - Analog Discovery does not work with Wave forms runtime 3.2.6 (latest)

LabView - Analog Discovery works with  Wave forms runtime 2.9.4 (older, from install 3.1.5)


I posted this question by Digilent,


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This issue is solved, see the Digilent forum;


Thanks for all the help and attention,



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